More than two children in a family could land one in serious trouble, if the recommendations of the population committee of the National Development Council are an indicator. Transgressors of this

evolution First blood Palaeontologists dug up a dinosaur bone buried for 80 million years in Montana, usa. The find yielded blood and bone cells and collagen protein

The state cabinet on Monday revised the starting amount for the Ladli scheme to Rs 10,000 from the existing 5,000 at the birth of a girl child in a family with an annual income of less than Rs 1 lakh. While the move is obviously aimed at wooing Congress's traditional votebank in the slum clusters and unauthorised colonies, the irony is that the rules of the scheme, which is supposed to be effective from January 1, 2008, are yet to be notified three months after the cabinet had given its initial nod to the project. Under the present form of the scheme, every eligible girl child is entitled to Rs 10,000 at the time of birth and then onwards, Rs 5,000 each at the time of admission to classes I, VI, IX, X and XII. The money will be kept as a long term fixed deposit in the name of the child who can encash it when she turns 18 and the money she will thus get in hand will be Rs 1 lakh. Chief minister Sheila Dikshit, after the cabinet meeting said:

By 2010, the world's population will have gone up to 6 billion. But at the recent New York meeting on population and development, counting heads took precedence over critical issues such as women's nutrition and education

In order to reinforce its pro abortion stand, the new US administration has announced its intention of resuming funding to the UNFPA. The hitch: UNFPA supports China's rigorous population control programme, which has been decried internationally as infrin

How does public interest advertising work on Doordarshan? Even more to the point, does it work at all?

In Pakistan, they are controlling population growth by raising the living standards of local communities through Pasbaan, the social development wing of the country's family planning association