Students should inculcate communication approach to biodiversity conservation as wild animals must get due respect, said Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) professor HAS Yahya on Monday.

A mass beaching of walruses in Alaska is a sign of things to come. (Editorial)

The Arabian Wildlife Centre in Sharjah is highlighting its broad range of local flora and fauna.

Environment Minister Greg Hunt approved over the weekend the $2.2 billion North Galilee Basin Rail project.

Global change is impacting forests worldwide, threatening biodiversity and ecosystem services including climate regulation. Understanding how forests respond is critical to forest conservation and climate protection. This review describes an international network of 59 long-term forest dynamics research sites (CTFS-ForestGEO) useful for characterizing forest responses to global change. Within very large plots (median size 25 ha), all stems ≥1 cm diameter are identified to species, mapped, and regularly recensused according to standardized protocols.

Working with the Rainforest Alliance, Chiquita’s active biodiversity program goes beyond the boundaries of its banana farms.

A coalition of NGOs has argued that every state and territory in Australia fails to implement environmental laws at the Commonwealth standards and address World Heritage Conventions, putting ecosystem and threatened species at risk.

Species extinctions are about 1,000 times more frequent now than in the 60 million years before humans came along.

Local farmers opposing the Kudgi Super Thermal Power Project in Bijapur district want the National Thermal Power Corporation (NTPC) to execute a surety bond before the Supreme Court, undertaking th

A search of two remote islands in the Kimberley has revealed previously unknown populations of threatened native species, including the northern quoll and a tree-rat.