Ecologists and space agencies must forge a global monitoring strategy, say Andrew K. Skidmore, Nathalie Pettorelli and colleagues.

KOLKATA: The National Green Tribunal (NGT), on Monday, directed the Bakreswar Thermal Power Project (BkTPP) to show cause why it should not be penalized for polluting the Chandrabhaga and Bakreswar

City environmentalists and few NGOs launched a signature campaign against the proposed ropeway project for Chamundi Hills in Mysuru on Sunday.

Sex determination in animals is amazingly plastic. Vertebrates display contrasting strategies ranging from complete genetic control of sex (genotypic sex determination) to environmentally determined sex (for example, temperature-dependent sex determination). Phylogenetic analyses suggest frequent evolutionary transitions between genotypic and temperature-dependent sex determination in environmentally sensitive lineages, including reptiles. These transitions are thought to involve a genotypic system becoming sensitive to temperature, with sex determined by gene–environment interactions.

The aim of this research was to identify the effects of Pleistocene climate change on the distribution of fauna in Tasmania, and contrast this with biotic responses in other temperate regions in the Northern and Southern Hemisphere that experienced glacial activity during this epoch. This was achieved by examining the phylogeographic patterns in a widely distributed Tasmanian endemic reptile, Niveoscincus ocellatus. 204 individuals from 29 populations across the distributional range of N.

The Tripura High Court on Tuesday asked the state government to demolish at least two sides of cemented embankment of Kalyansagar, holy lake of Tripureswari temple, in Udaipur of South Tripura with

Sixty species of bird and 70 species of butterfly were recorded in the Devalsari nature and bird training course held in Tehri district recently.

Muscat: The rate at which the world is losing its genetic diversity, from micro-organisms and plants to animals and marine life, is being further accelerated because of urbanisation, global defores

At a time when plants and animals are under threat across the world, nature lovers and conservationists in India have 349 reasons to feel happy.

SHIMLA: Long dry conditions, wind and the heatwave have notched up the risk of forest fires these days in low and mid-hills of Himachal Pradesh.