VISAKHAPATNAM: The state's second largest fresh water lake Kondakarla Ava is an area of rich aquatic biodiversity with lotus plants, fish and hundreds of species of resident avifauna and migratory

Around 10 million species are still waiting to be discovered around the world - at least that's what scientists believe.

India is blessed with the tallest and the most gallant mountains of the world.

The evaluation of loss of forest wealth in Uttarakhand due to forest fires continues to be a tedious affair.

The root cause behind one of the biggest ongoing environmental disasters in the country is still blurry, but what is evident is the unceremonious isolation of local communities from forests in Utta

Dhanbad: The Parasnath hill in Giridih district is known for its lush green cover, which include rare medicinal trees and herbal plants. However, the green cover is fast depleting.

Tadpoles of the monotypic Indian dancing frog family Micrixalidae have remained obscure for over 125 years. Here we report the discovery of the elusive tadpoles of Micrixalus herrei from the sand beds of a forested stream in southern Western Ghats, and confirm their identity through DNA barcoding. These actively burrowing tadpoles lead an entirely fossorial life from eggs to late metamorphic stages.

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In 1998, 11.72 sq kilometres of hill slopes in and around Vizag were occupied by houses and various other constructions.

A global scientific group on Sunday launched a three-year assessment of mankind's impact on nature to help protect plants and animals from threats ranging from pollution to climate change.

VISAKHAPATNAM: You may be enjoying the long drive on Vizag-Bheemili Road that has the sea on one side and the green hills on the other, but once you take a side road from Kapuluppada village toward