The Government today announced that a series of stamps depicting the entire environmental profile of the country will be launched soon.

Everything in the Dhanwatey household spells heritage, be it antique furniture, pictures of tigers staring at you from old frames or century-old trees surrounding their ancestral house.

When possible, many species will shift in elevation or latitude in response to rising temperatures. However, before such shifts occur, individuals will first tolerate environmental change and then modify their behavior to maintain heat balance. Behavioral thermoregulation allows animals a range of climatic tolerances and makes predicting geographic responses under future warming scenarios challenging.

Major, long-term environmental changes are projected in the Southern Ocean and these are likely to have impacts for marine predators such as the Adélie penguin (Pygoscelis adeliae). Decadal monitoring studies have provided insight into the short-term environmental sensitivities of Adélie penguin populations, particularly to sea ice changes. However, given the long-term nature of projected climate change, it is also prudent to consider the responses of populations to environmental change over longer time scales.

This document outlines various liabilities to be imposed on a responsible party for causing environmental damages arising only from improper handling/disposal of hazardous waste. These liabilities are applicable to the occupier, transporter, operator of a facility and importer as the case may be and hereinafter referred as responsible party.

A key challenge in climate change adaptation planning is projecting how changes in climate will affect efforts to conserve biological communities, and in particular species already under threat. While the projected effects of climate change on individual species may vary from beneficial to deleterious, for rare species already at risk of extinction (hereinafter, at-risk species), the projected effects of climate change are generally thought to accelerate declines.

A fresh controversy is brewing over the way the Centre is planning to clear the “diversion” of a whopping 19,256 hectares of reserve forest area in Krishna and Guntur districts for the new capital,

Judgement of the National Green Tribunal (Western Zone Bench, Pune) in the matter of Dileep B. Nevatia Vs Union of India & Ors dated 15/09/2015 regarding CRZ clearance dated July 17th, 2013 granted by Ministry of Environment and Forest (MoEF), Government of India for the construction of Mumbai Trans Harbour Sea Link between Mumbai Island City and mainland of Navi Mumbai (hereinafter referred to as MTHL project) proposed by Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority (MMRDA).

Union Minister for Water Resources, River Development and Ganga Rejuvenation Uma Bharti on Tuesday urged the environment ministry to check the ongoing unauthorised mining activities on river Ganga

For tens of millions of years, cold conditions have excluded shell-crushing fish and crustaceans from the continental shelf surrounding Antarctica. Rapid warming is now allowing predatory crustaceans to return. Our study of the continental slope off the western Antarctic Peninsula showed that abundant, predatory king crabs comprise a reproductively viable population at 841- to 2,266-m depth.