MECHANICAL mining rights are being considered on the flood-prone Kalu Ganga south of Colombo for the South African gem trading company, Colombo Sapphire Ltd. According to Panos Features, this will

How animals treat themselves with various plants provide medicinal leads to scientists.

DINOSAURS in Stephen Spielberg's Jurassic Park may look authentic, but the sounds they make would not have been uttered by their long-dead ancestors. The best they could do was sound like a foghorn,

BANGLADESH'S second largest waterbody, Beel Dakatia, once a 31,566-ha tract of flourishing agricultural land and balanced ecology, has been flooded with brackish water for the past decade. A dyke

The urge to be close to nature guided Madeleine Slade, who came to be known as Mira Behn, throughout her life

Technological advances allow biologists to sit in their labs and monitor animal movements.

Accurate tiger census methodology assumes significance in the context of the recent controversy over the declining number of tigers in the Indian sub continent. And counting pugs is the easiest and cheapest method of tiger census.

IN GLOBAL terms, existing species are estimated at between five and 30 million. Of these, only 1.4 million have been identified, of which 750,000 are insects, 40,000 invertebrates, 250,000 plants and