To save the world it may be necessary to create a culture where the humble samosa replaces the mighty burger

India s most agriculturally prosperous state, Punjab, is staring at an impending groundwater crisis. Over extraction of groundwater and faulty cropping practices could affect India s foodgrain production

S K SINHA national professor at the Water Technology Centre, Indian Agricultural Research Institute, New Delhi, spoke to Manish Tiwari on food security and the future of chemical agriculture in India

For the first time, genetically-modified grain has been grown commercially in South Africa and will be sold in the market mixed with other grains, a leading seed-seller said.

As of 1997, the world consumes five million tonnes of grain daily. To feed the world's human population of almost 5.8 billion - growing by 80 million people a year - production of foodgrains,

Their close association with food and its production notwithstanding, women are

India's foodgrain production is likely to cross the 200 million tonne mark this year. Barring certain areas in Himachal Pradesh and Bihar, which were hit by cloudburst, the country on the whole had a

A new aggressive strain ofpotato blight has started spreading in Europe and threatens crops across the world

A virus is being used to destroypests that damage the chickpea crop

The land of white elephants has been named among one of the four honoured Asian countries which have managed to achieve self-sufficiency in food for growing and increasingly affluent populations.