The food situation in drought-hit Kenya is a cause for serious concern. According to the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation ( fao ), there has been a sharp increase in deaths due to

Cost of production has spiralled, but the rate of increase in production has not shown a similar trend. Ecological and social costs, meanwhile, are totally disregarded

Incidence of cancer and other diseases have increased. But callous officials prefer to call it a coincidence

Punjab, which accounts for only 1.5 per cent of the total geographical area of the country, cannot continue producing for the whole country. It is time to look for an alternative

There was fear in the 1960s. Would India continue to wait for food imports to feed itself? The scientific community came up with an answer that gave hope for all times to come: the Green Revolution. Yields began to rise. The country had surplus foodgrain.

Despite being more expensive than conventionally grown crops, there is a growing preference for organic

The human population in the world has crossed the six billion mark. With this the environmental cost of

The Bangladesh government has banned the import of vetch, a toxic grain marketed as lentil, according to an official announcement. The ban came following press reports that vetch, which looks like

China will need to import foodgrain in the next 10 years

Depleting groundwater sources compel farmers in Gujarat to use industrial effluents for irrigation