A decision to refuse clearance to GMOs should be based on good science and policy

The poorest of the poor women from downtrodden communities have ini

Coarse grains are widely grown in harsh fragile and diversified environments where agricultural inputs are scarce. More than two-thirds of the cultivated area in India is rainfed. It contributes 44

By promotong rice over coarse grains, the government is promoting food scarcity and defeciency of micronutrients among India’s most malnourished sections

It is said the future wars would be fought over the issue of water, not land. Yet Indian government promotes rice, which consumes water, over the dryland friendly grains

Rice and wheat fetch a secure price and subsidies on farm inputs. Coarse grains have no place in the public distribution system, although their value in the international market is rising

India s public distribution system promotes rice and wheat. These water intensive crops require more inputs and are less nutritious as compared to grains like millets that have sustained India for millennia. These blind policies are preparing the countr

Punjab farmers are reaping losses

farmers of Andhra Pradesh have been directed not to cultivate a second crop of rice during the winter season because of low levels of water at the Srisailam and Nagarjunasagar reservoirs of the

the Gujarat State Pollution Control Board has been forced to shut down Unimark Remedies, a chemical plant situated on the Ahmedabad-Bagodra highway. Pollution from the chemical plant has destroyed