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The present Union Government designates its programme as economic reforms with a human face. Harnessing technology and investing huge resources to meet the needs of the vulnerable segment represent this sentiment. The honourable judges of the Supreme Court had directed the Government of India that inter-linking of the major rivers in the country may be expedited by the year 2020.

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Knowledge of demand structure and consumer behaviour is essential for a wide range of development policy questions like improvement in nutritional status, food subsidy,sectoral and macroeconomic policy analysis, etc.

spilling on oysters: The Far North District Council of New Zealand said it will spend US $3.6 million to reduce the risk of sewage spills in the environmentally sensitive areas of Paihia, Haruru

Grain import policy quixotic, lacks logic

India lagging behind due to bad practices

India floundering after WTO ministerial

The researchers explore how globalization, broadly conceived to include international human rights norms, humanitarianism, and alternative trade, might influence peaceful and food secure outlooks and outcomes.

Soil erosion threatens food security and environment

India Development Foundation funded by the British High Commission, carried out this study on challenges to investments and trade in five sectors of agri-business in India - dairy, horticulture, oilseeds, wheat milling, and poultry. This report attempts at answering some questions and showcases some successful cases where players in select sectors have met with success.