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The focus is on development of hydropower, industries and food production: how sustainably can the targets be achieved?

Community management of natural resources is still in the nascent stage

It s not about fighting the problem later, it s about pre empting the problem. Measures against air pollution and plastics are all about taking proactive measures

It is an intriguing view from the high mountains of Bhutan. To the east lies Nepal, grappling large scale environmental degradation. To the north and south, China and India, overwhelmed by the pressure of 2 billion people. Several examples of what Bhutan

The international commu

Cost of production has spiralled, but the rate of increase in production has not shown a similar trend. Ecological and social costs, meanwhile, are totally disregarded

Incidence of cancer and other diseases have increased. But callous officials prefer to call it a coincidence

Punjab, which accounts for only 1.5 per cent of the total geographical area of the country, cannot continue producing for the whole country. It is time to look for an alternative

There was fear in the 1960s. Would India continue to wait for food imports to feed itself? The scientific community came up with an answer that gave hope for all times to come: the Green Revolution. Yields began to rise. The country had surplus foodgrain.

Gujarat s minister for major irrigation projects needs to understand that big dams alone do not add up to water management