The Assam Electricity Regulatory Commission has proposed to start Renewable Purchase Obligation (RPO) under a new regulation and has notified a draft Solar Tariff Regulations which will be applicable from the current financial year.

Subhash Narayan CHATTANOOGA (US)

ALSTOM, a global leader in power generation and rail infrastructure, will soon launch several environment-friendly products and services aimed at catering to the needs of country

Washington: In a novel way to fight global warming, scientists are trying how they could remove excess carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and store the gas deep under the sea bed where it can cause no trouble.

The city will uses geothermal resources for winter heating and summer cooling, as well as employing electric buses and taxis with zero pollutant for public transport
a is Beijing, May 12: China is building its first model environment-friendly low carbon city in Turpan, a small town in the country


Pushing hard for renewable sources of energy, minister of new and renewable energy Farooq Abdullah has asked President of Iceland, Dr Olafur Ragnar Grimsson, to assist India in developing geothermal energy.
Iceland has been in the forefront of developing geothermal energy and hydro power and is currently generating 575 MW geothermal energy against a capacity of 10,500 MW.

The subject of energy and environment are attracting universal attention now. Though pollution existed even 150 years ago but at that time, the planet could absorb the undesirable emissions. Today, we have crossed the absorption capacity and, the very survival of the planet is at stake. In 1860, all had welcomed the discovery of oil.

This UNEP publication presents examples of efforts to cut greenhouse gas emissions and promote

Basel (Switzerland): A geologist on trial for causing earthquakes while drilling for hot rocks to produce clean energy has said he was surprised by the strength of the most powerful temblor.

Markus Haering, who designed the geothermal project, rejected charges that he deliberately damaged properties and said local people knew the risks.

An enormous offshore wind farm in the North Sea, a large geothermal power plant near Hanover and a 400-billion-euro project to generate solar electricity in the desert

The United States has entered a new energy era, ending a century of rising carbon emissions. As the U.S. delegation prepares for December's international climate negotiations in Copenhagen, it does so from a surprisingly strong position, based on a dramatic 9 percent drop in U.S. carbon emissions over the past two years and the promise of further huge reductions.