Though Congress is ready for mass resignations following the Supreme Court’s verdict on the SYL, farmers, the affected party, are muted in their reaction.

PUNE: In an effort to make Maharashtra a drought-free state, Paani foundation, an organisation working for watershed management, set up by Bollywood actor Aamir Khan, will conserve the precious res

Although the Ganges River Basin (GRB) has abundant water resources, the seasonal monsoon causes a mismatch in water supply and demand, which creates severe water-related challenges for the people living in the basin, the rapidly growing economy and the environment.

The majority of naturally occurring freshwater on small islands is groundwater, which is primarily recharged by precipitation. Recharge rates are therefore likely to be impacted by climate change. Freshwater resources on small islands are particularly vulnerable to climate change because they are limited in size and easily compromised. Here we have compiled available aquifer system characteristics and water-use data for 43 small island developing states distributed worldwide, based on local expert knowledge, publications and regional data sets.

As drought sweeps many countries in Africa, an initiative led by water NGOs supports the use of underground aquifers. But the idea is controversial

The National Green Tribunal has directed the Delhi government and other agencies to prepare a comprehensive report on whether government buildings, bridges and flyovers have installed rain water ha

The Delhi government’s first-of-its-kind “conserve and use” Palla floodplain water harvesting project was lauded by a delegation of water experts and technologists from South Australian Water, a go

The frequent and severe cases of waterlogging in Delhi have prompted Tapas, an NGO, to move National Green Tribunal (NGT), asking for directions to the agencies concerned on rainwater harvesting (R

Many defunct borwells start functioning now.

Question raised in Lok Sabha on Impact of Groundwater Lever on Drinking Water, 04/08/2016.