The World Health Organisation has called for enhanced spending and a joint UN initiative to combat the threat of AIDS.

THE NUMBER of people in Bombay who are infected with the AIDS-causing human immunodeficiency virus- 1 (HIV-1) are increasing at an alarming rate, says a recent study (The National Medical

A new species of fungus, which can produce taxol, the drug used to treat ovarian cancer, promises to be a boon for women all over the world.

A cholera epidemic in the Indian subcontinent is nothing unusual. But now, another bacterial strain that can cause the disease has surfaced.

Under pressure from transnationals, the Bangladesh government is likely to ease restrictions on producing and importing medicines.

A visit to a Dhaka clinic provides a good idea of the extent to which drugs can help.

A premature death seems in store for the "cradle baby scheme" launched with much fanfare by Tamil Nadu chief minister Jayalalitha last October, following reports of female infanticide in Salem.

If pharmaceutical companies concentrate on manufacturing and selling essential drugs, business needs and health requirements can be met.

ZAFRULLAH Chowdhury draws inspiration as much from Hippocrates as from Mao Zedong. To the first, he owes his medical ideals and to the second, his taking up a rifle to fight in Bangladesh's war of liberation in 1971.

Bangladesh owes a lot to Ch

The Japanese government is trying to keep the people from consuming too many medicines, in order to cut down its expenditure on health care.