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Tiruvannamalai: Going beyond the academics and curriculum, the education department in Tiruvannamalai district have forced the private and nursery schools to fall in line for not taking up the anti

To launch eight-day-long campaign from tomorrow as part of measles-rubella vaccination drive

Fines to the tune of Rs. 1.06 lakh was imposed during a series of inspections carried out by Collector C.Kadiravan as part of the anti-dengue sanitation drive in Shoolagiri on Wednesday.

No less than 38 cases of Monkeypox have been laboratory confirmed in eight States of the Federation.

Nigeria failed to meet targets for pneumonia and diarrhoea prevention and treatment, according to a progress report by the International Vaccine Access Centre (IVAC).

People with malaria give off a distinctive "breath-print" that could be used as a test for the disease, according to American scientists.

CHENNAI: Although pneumonia kills one child under five every two minutes in India, the disease is preventable -through vaccines, healthy lifestyle and timely medical intervention -say doctors from

DONA PAULA: Taking a dig at those opposing mobile towers on the issue of radiation, Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar countered saying that those opposing towers are moving with the mobile, which in

In 2015, the WHO said India had double the number of estimated TB deaths-480,000 up from 220,000 in 2014

KOLKATA: Dengue claimed yet another life while four others in the city and its suburbs died of a 'mystery fever' whose symptoms resembled that of the killer virus since Monday.