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NEW DELHI: Lifestyle diseases like heart and chronic respiratory diseases now kill more people than communicable ones like tubercolosis or diarrhoea in every state in India, including the most back

The government is providing free of cost medical check-up facility in dengue cases and free medicines are also being distributed.

Stressful modern lifestyles taking toll on their health, says expert

NEW DELHI: Child and maternal malnutrition continues to be the biggest health hazard in India since 1990, while deteriorating air quality came a close second, according to a recent report in one of

India’s national health policy was reformed this year, but lack of accessibility and out-of-pocket expenses still leave rural areas behind.

18% of the world's population lives in India, and many states of India have populations similar to those of large countries. Action to effectively improve population health in India requires availability of reliable and comprehensive state-level estimates of disease burden and risk factors over time. Such comprehensive estimates have not been available so far for all major diseases and risk factors. Thus, aimed to estimate the disease burden and risk factors in every state of India as part of the Global Burden of Disease (GBD) Study 2016.

This report prepared as part of the Global Burden of Disease (GBD) Study 2016, and published in Lancet , has found that every State in India has a higher burden from non-communicable diseases and injuries than from infectious diseases.

Centre for Science and Environment expresses deep shock at the dubious death tally and massive loss of healthy live years due to illness from growing air pollution in Delhi and the country. Today the leading medical and public health experts of India came together under the aegis of the Indian Council of Medical Research, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare to release the first ever systematic assessment of burden of disease at both the national and state level in India.

They’ve made little commitment in India on antibiotics misuse in chicken, meat, says CSE

Of the total 8,063 cases of dengue, 4,188 patients belonged to Delhi. Patients from other states who came to the city for treatment numbered 3,875, the report said.