Allocation for crop loans, farm mechanisation in Namakkal

The Annual Credit Plan (ACP) for Namakkal District for the financial year 2013-14 at an outlay of Rs. 2,565 crore that will cover 10,93,364 borrowers in the priority sectors was released by District Collector D. Jagannathan here on Tuesday. He said that the targeted credit for this year is Rs. 510.1 crore (24.82 per cent) more than the target for 2012-13 that was fixed at Rs. 2,054.9 crore.

The Annual Credit Plan (ACP) for Namakkal District for the financial year 2013-14 at an outlay of Rs.

The Annual Plan for Himachal Pradesh for 2013-14 was finalised at Rs.

JAMMU, Apr 4: An amount of Rs.

This state agriculture policy notified by the Orissa government has provision to enhance the subsidy on private irrigation projects to 75 per cent of total cost and for community irrigation project, the rebate will be up to 90 per cent.

For the first time in Andhra Pradesh, an exclusive action plan for agriculture envisaging an outlay of Rs 25,962 crore was presented in the state Legislative Assembly by agriculture minister, Kanna Lakshmi Narayana, on Monday.

The 2013-14 outlay for agriculture includes plan component of Rs 17,694.71 crore and non-plan component of Rs 8.267.41 crore. Supplementary to these proposed budgetary allocations, an amount of Rs 72,450 crore has been allocated under the agricultural credit plan.

Africa's agricultural sector could become a $1 trillion (664 billion pounds) industry by 2030 if governments and the private sector radically rethink policies and support for farmers, a World Bank

The government plans to revive cultivation of crops that make Punjab’s iconic “makki ki roti and sarson ka saag” -- maize and mustard --along with horticulture and fodder to breathe life into the s

The State Agriculture Policy aims to address various interlinked concerns of sustainability of the current cropping pattern and stagnating farm incomes through a simultaneous and multi-pronged action with an emphasis on improvement in production technology and infrastructure, pushing up capital formation, re-structuring the incentives and stream

Fragmentation of landholdings, decreasing crop yield and drought are the major challenges to the agriculture sector in Karnataka, Chief Secretary S V Ranganath has said.

The average landholding has nosedived to 1.55 hectares in 2010-11 from 3.2 hectares in 1970-71. The need of the hour is a technology that can help farmers owning small landholdings survive comfortably, he said on Wednesday.