HYDERABAD: Indian scientists were aware of Zika virus way back in 1950s and had even stored a vial of the pathogen, which has now emerged as a global health threat, a senior government official sai

Sanctions 70 lakh for a study by the ICMR to prevent recurrence of disease

India may be in the pink of health once again with the Union health ministry expecting a 20-25 per cent hike in the upcoming health budget this time.

In an attempt to counter any possible outbreak of Zika virus, the health ministry has decided to operationalize ten more diagnostic facilities by end of this month.

40% Of Patients Die Annually In The Country

Indoor air pollutants — caused by 'chulhas' for example — contribute to increased rate of respiratory diseases and low weight among newborns.

One of the major reasons for low weight among newborns in rural India was the continuous exposure of pregnant women to indoor air pollution, according to doctors.

GUWAHATI- Childhood cancer has a high fatality incidence in developing countries, including India.

AIIMS has endorsed a concern raised by medical practitioners for months -increased air pollution in Delhi is affecting not just our lungs but almost every part of the body .

All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) is set to lead the first large-scale study in nearly 18 years on links between respiratory and cardiovascular conditions, and air quality in the capi