ICMR to monitor 2000 patients in Jharkhand to determine role of good diet.

Smaller lungs mean poorer exercise capacity, and greater vulnerability to respiratory symptoms and diseases, says a recently released study

NEW DELHI: Child and maternal malnutrition continues to be the biggest health hazard in India since 1990, while deteriorating air quality came a close second, according to a recent report in one of

Simply destroying mosquito eggs has proven not to be effective in the control of the menace.

Research consortium brings stakeholders to develop tools

The team 'PerSapien Innovations' is now a start-up venture, recognised by the government of India

Dr. Mohan’s Diabetes Specialities Centre says diabetes epidemic in the country can be slowed down with a little change in lifestyle and healthy eating

NIN centenary year fete begins with release of report on urban health

A new study has found a quick and a effective way to diagnose dengue in remote and rural areas where diagnosis remains a challenge unlike cities where hospitals and laboratories have necessary equi

The centres will be in addition to the 31 centres already functioning and upgraded since 2014-15, when the government floated the scheme.