With rich nations doing too little and emissions way above targets, global temperatures will rise

A new study published in Climate Dynamics has found that humans are responsible for virtually all of the observed global warming since the mid-20th century.

Global climate models today signify that 50 percent of small islands will become drier and the other 50 percent wetter by mid-century.

The current Vice-President of the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) Abdalah Mokssit, from Morocco, has been offered and he accepted the position of new Secretary of the Intergovernmental Pane

Scientists from around the world will contribute to a major UN report on how global temperatures can be held to a rise of 1.5C and what the impact might be on sea level rises, the bleaching of cora

European countries should prepare for a far-reaching debate on the “profound lifestyle changes” required to limit climate change, according to a leaked European commission document.

The Earth may suffer irreversible damage that could last tens of thousands of years because of the rate humans are emitting carbon into the atmosphere.

Rising carbon dioxide concentrations in seawater are set to make fish drunk and disorientated, researchers have warned.

The Paris pact to limit global temperature increases to less than 2 degrees will still result in some parts of the planet warming by as much as 6 degrees due to regional variations, researchers in

In the Paris Summit (United States Conference on Climate Change), held during December 2015, India has strongly advocated climate justice and adhered to the principles of equity and common but diff