Pakistan s air pollution levels on the rise

Contamination of drinking water by sewage

Unique coast guard: The Sindh Environmental Protection Agency (SEPA) is working for the formation of a monitoring and liaison committee to improve the dismal environmental condition in the islands

The Pakistan government continues to face a barrage of criticism over the US $8 billion Kalabagh dam project, proposed to be located on Indus river in Sindh province. In November, Jeay Sindh Mahaz Z chief Zain Shah urged all political parties of Sindh to

Protect forests, get clean water

The crisis that hit the Karachi port in Pakistan on July 27 has stea

A fertiliser plant on the outskirts of Karachi in Pakistan recently received three surprise visitors

Water tankers are cashing in on water shortage in Karachi. Residents of the water-starved localities have complained that private water tankers are charging between Rs 450 and Rs 500 per tanker. The

As Pakistan reels under a severe drought, water scarcity has become a common problem. In Sindh province several protests have been held against the water crisis. "In a country where public

Cheap fertiliser imports are hurting the domestic market in Pakistan. "If the prices stay at the