KOLKATA, 11 SEPT: Be careful and check twice before your loved one is administered an injection in any medical facility as there is a high possibility that they may be injected with used and untrea

Production of fish in any culture system depends to a great extent on water quality management.

Kolkata is one of the most polluted cities of the world. The city has been plagued by one of the most prominent pollution problems of the of the world, the air pollution. The time period of 2000-2008 saw a huge number of vehicles hitting Kolkata’s streets, which has lead to a significant increase in air pollution. Realising this, the Supreme Court has decided to impose a ban on the vehicles, which are more than 15-year old. The ban was imposed finally on 1 st August, 2009.

Municipalities in rural areas collect garbage from houses and dump it in a low-lying marshy ground. After several years when this ground is completely

Despite a brief respite from heavy rain in Kolkata on Tuesday, the threat of floods loomed large over south Bengal even as some of the low-lying areas remained inundated and train services continued to be disrupted.

Scientists of the city-based National Geophysical Research Institute have debunked the age-old theory that sea water is intruding into the Krishna-Godavari delta through ground water channels and turning it saline.

The paper reports the results of an empirical study on the profitability of rice cultivation in the East Calcutta Wetlands region where untreated sewage water from the city of Calcutta, India, is used for the purpose of irrigation during the winter/summer crop.

The growth of the earth’s urban population and areas continues as a major demographic trend; it is projected that 70 % of the world’s population will live in urban areas by 2050. Urban growth today is most rapid in developing countries, where cities gain an average of 5 million residents each month.

India’s “bypass” approach to urbanisation seeks to decongest its post-colonial metropolises by building new towns for a new economy of knowledge-based activities and businesses driven by global capital on their fringes. The globalised economy, hegemonised by immaterial labour, creates conditions for these new towns to culturally secede from their national or regional location and align themselves with the global cities.

Inspection under ESS program of M/s Durgapur Steel Plant, Durgapur, Dist Burdwan, West Bengal.