In recent years, there has been growing attention and effort towards securing the formal, legal recognition of land rights for Indigenous Peoples and local communities.

Wetlands are “places where water is the primary factor controlling plant and animal life and the wider environment” and provide a variety of important ecosystem functions such as recharging groundwater supplies and trapping floodwaters in addition to facilitating nutrient cycling and the production of rice and fish as staple food for more than h

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The VOLANTE Roadmap for Future Land Resources Management in Europe is a tool for policymakers and practitioners alike. It features three visions of future land use, created in a participatory process by a set of stakeholders from all across Europe.

Order of the National Green Tribunal in the matter of Lakhan Singh Dhurve Vs. State of M.P. & 4 Ors. dated 11/03/2015 regarding allotment of charagah land for industrial use, District Umaria, Madhya Pradesh.

Question raised in Rajya Sabha on conversion of waste land into agricultural land, 19/12/2014.

Feeding the world’s growing population and finding the land and water to grow enough food continues to be a basic and sizeable challenge. It is an enormous task because the increase in food production required to meet future needs may have to be achieved with fewer land and water resources.

The governments of People’s Republic of Bangladesh have been published report on the Environment and Climate Change Outlook 2012 which is a collection of the present position of the country’s environmental condition.

Water and land resources are under increasing pressure in many parts of the globe. Diet change has been suggested as a measure to contribute to adequate food security for the growing population. This paper assesses the impact of diet change on the blue and green water footprints of food consumption. We first compare the water consumption of the current diets with that of a scenario where dietary guidelines are followed.

Question raised in Rajya Sabha on decline in agricultural land, 25/07/2014.