In keeping with Sonia Gandhi-led National Advisory Council's social welfare approach of rights-based entitlement, the government plans to rename the Land Acquisition, Rehabilitation and Resettlemen

This paper examines if the land parcels in Indian villages exhibit caste-based clustering. Using digitised cadastral maps of two villages in Uttar Pradesh and a unique data set collected by conducting a survey in these two villages, we determine the caste of the owner of each parcel. We then used spatial methods to calculate Moran's Index for caste-based clustering. In both villages, we observed a statistically significant level of clustering of land parcels based on caste groups.

It's a long road from Tennant Creek to the imposing glass tower that houses the Federal Court in Melbourne, but the Aboriginal elder travelled for two days by bus to keep a court date yesterday.

Shimla: Forest fires in Himachal Pradesh have destroyed more than 20,000 acres of forest land and caused a loss of more than Rs 2.6 cr of green property in three weeks.

This report on Sustainable Development in Pakistan prepared for the Conference gives a resume of progress made by the country in the implementation of Agenda and outcome of the World Summit on Sustainable development held at Johannesburg in 2002.

Tamil Nadu Newsprint and Papers Ltd plans to take under captive plantation over 10,000 acres of degraded land to raise pulp wood for raw material.

As a significant contribution to Rio+20, the 5th Global Environment Outlook (GEO-5) builds on previous reports and continues to provide analysis of the state, trends and outlook of the global environment.

The UN Global Compact released a report, Scaling Up Global Food Security and Sustainable Agriculture, in advance of the Rio+20 Corporate Sustainability Forum, to be held 15-18 June 2012 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

A number of REDD+ countries have begun to develop their own national safeguard standards, a development that – if carried out in a participatory, transparent manner and in compliance with international obligations – is to be strongly encouraged.

Minorities and indigenous peoples are under increasing threat from governments and private companies wanting to benefit from the resources found on or under their lands. Despite the growing recognition of their rights in international