Flint, Michigan: The longest line at Freeman Elementary School's Family Fun Night was not for face painting or food. It was for lead testing.

Directions by apex court came over case related to MSG content in the instant noodles

From 2010-2013, integrated health and environmental responses addressed an unprecedented epidemic lead poisoning in Zamfara State, northern Nigeria. Artisanal gold mining caused widespread contamination resulting in the deaths of more than 400 children. Socio-economic, logistic, and security challenges required remediation and medical protocols within the context of local resources, labor practices, and cultural traditions.

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The World Bank has set aside US$30 million to help mitigate the impact of lead poisoning in Kabwe, Chingola and Mufulira.

Michigan governor Rick Snyder apologized on Tuesday for the debacle that caused the city of Flint’s water supply to be poisoned by lead, while the top state environment official resigned in light o

The doctor who discovered that the children of Flint, Michigan, were at risk of irreparable brain damage from lead poisoning in the city’s water supply has warned that the problem of “toxic soup” c

African countries have agreed to cooperate in setting limits for use of lead in paints with a view to phasing it out by 2020.

The mayor of Flint has declared a state of emergency, acknowledging that switches in the Michigan's city's water sourcing have caused high lead levels in drinking water.

About 100,000 wetland birds are killed every year from poisoning by discarded lead ammunition, say scientists.

Swiss consumer giant Nestle has said it plans to resume sales in its Maggi noodles in November, after a food scare saw them taken off shelves.