• Army contractors halted operations at the Newport Chemical Depot, in western Indiana, as nearly 500 gallons of caustic wastewater containing hydrolysate, leaked into a sealed area at the facility. This plant is used for destroying Cold War era chemical weapon VX.

UK researchers claim the Mad Cow disease is caused by Indian animal feed imports; India rubbishes hypothesis

Pointless: A US federal appeals court recently heard arguments on a five-year-old battle over whether the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has the authority to regulate carbon dioxide (CO2)

mad cow victim: Florida-based Charlene Singh, 25, suffering the only known instance of the human form of mad cow disease in the US, died recently. She was ill since 2001. She suffered from the

Belgium seems to pay little heed to the UK government s handling of the madcow disease

the German government called upon agricultural and health experts to hold an emergency meeting on January 22, following a report of the confirmation of the nation's first case of bse (bovine