Bt brinjal is a step away from becoming India

WHAT, YOU may ask, is common between potatoes, tomatoes, brinjal, chilli, datura, tobacco and the deadly nightshade (belladonna)?

Joseph Vackayil

: The reported statement of KV Thomas, the minister of state for agriculture, that the agriculture ministry would not blindly oppose any new technology that helped increase food production and ensure food security, has kindled the hopes of Bt brinjal

In India the elongated, deep purple ovoid is considered one of the humblest of vegetables. The Bengalis call it begun which means a vegetable that has no virtue. But now the lowly brinjal has become the eye of the storm that is forcing you to sit up and take notice as you sit down to eat.

This latest report by Asia-Pacific Consortium on Agricultural Biotechnology provides updated statistics on Bt-cotton and highlights newer issues related to technology, production, economic, social and environmental impacts of Bt cotton in India.

French scientist Gilles-Eric S

The green revolution was based on modified genes

Stiff opposition from activists has persuaded the Indian government to put off commercial release of the country's first genetically modified (GM) food crop, despite clearance from the nation's top biotechnology regulator.


Report of the Expert Committee (EC-II) to review findings of large scale trials and the related biosafety studies on Bt brinjal submitted to GEAC on Oct 8, 2009. Concludes that that development and safety assessment of Bt brinjal is fully compliant with the conditions stipulated by GEAC.