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As Israel continues airstrikes on Lebanon, the country is now threatened by its worst ecological disaster. At least 35,000 tonnes of oil gushed into the Mediterranean, after Israeli warplanes hit

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Pathogens behind coral bleaching, say scientists

activists of Greenpeace, the international pressure group, have raised concerns about toxic sludge being dumped in the Mediterranean sea near Selaata, off the Lebanese coast. The sludge, dumped

THE Danish dragger ship "Skandia" is illegally dumping toxic waste from the Israeli fertiliser company Haifa Chemicals in international waters in the Mediterranean Sea, according to Greenpeace.

Natural sponges from the Mediterranean Sea are fast disappearing. Global warming and overfishing figure among the list of perpetrators of this vanishing act

The EU is considering funding projects in North Africa and along the eastern coast of the Mediterranean in an effort to tackle rising pollution levels. The European Commission and European Investment Bank have been looking at the pollution hotspots which impact on the sea as a whole and are now looking at how money might be used to address the problem. According to the study published by the two organisations, the environmental decline in the Mediterranean threatens the health of all people living along the shore line - almost 150 million of them in all.

Following a truce between Israel and the Hizbollah, cleanup of the huge oil spill off the coast of Lebanon has begun. Around 15,000 tonnes of oil had spilled into the Mediterranean after the Jiyyeh