Frank Lloyd Wright, the American architect, once said that to look at the cross-section of any plan of a big city is to look at something like the section of fibrous tumour. It is probably an apt description of how India

This recent report by Christian Aid based on study across 12 Indian cities explores whether they are ready to withstand climate-related disasters and presents detailed report for these cities including policy implications in relation to Hyogo Framework for Action (HFA). 

This study initiates a discourse on urban risk reduction, inclusive of disaster and cl

TWO months ago, a fleet of hydraulic trucks of a private company started collecting garbage from homes in many areas of Nagpur. The trucks transport the garbage directly to the landfill site managed by another private company. This privatization of garbage collection has alarmed some 5,000 ragpickers who earn their living by rummaging through the city

Nagpur cops say it

NAGPUR: The Democratic Front (DF) government on Tuesday announced a Rs6208-crore loan waiver and concession scheme for the over 40 lakh farmers in the state who were not covered under the Central loan waiver package announced earlier this year.

Assessment of landfill gases (LFG) with appropriate methodology for control of green house gas emission as well as possibility for waste to energy conversion are the prime objectives of the study. Generation of LFG from a particular heap of wastes can not be interlinked with the potential of LFG generation.

in the face of stiff opposition from consumer forums, the Nagpur Municipal Corporation (nmc) has approved four of the 72 proposed pay-and-park zones. Vehicles can now be parked along the stretch between Khamla Chowk and Punjab National Bank in Pande Lay Out, between Gajanan High School and Mhalgi Nagar Square in Mhalgi Nagar, between Bombay Garments and Central Avenue Road and between

NAGPUR: A frail looking lady Kalawati Bandurkar from Vidharba, who was referred to by Rahul Gandhi, is facing a tough time as her Jalka village is faced by 12-hour power shortage.

Kalawati is so poor that she cannot afford to get power connection in her house. Living in abject poverty, Kalawati finds it difficult to even meet both the ends.

This is the woman Rahul Gandhi spoke about in his speech during the trust motion in the lower house of the Parliament.