These are the latest guidelines issued by CPCB on measurement of ambient air pollutants for implementation of uniform air quality standards across the country, irrespective of the land use pattern.

Researchers at the city-based Defence Institute of Advanced Technology (DIAT) have succeeded in developing polymer materials that can filter contaminated industrial water.

It's time to economically value the greenhouse gas-trapping potential of mine waste and start making money from it, says mining engineer and geologist Michael Hitch of the University of British Col

The Karnataka State Pollution Control Board Chairman Vaman Acharya on Wednesday said that paints used in Ganesha and Gowri idols have chemicals that pollute water bodies.

Thus, people should switch to eco-friendly idols that are painted with organic colours, he said. He also expressed concern over indiscriminate use of thermocol which is non-biodegradable.“Thermocol has emerged as another pollutant. Artisans use it to make their idols made of Plaster of Paris strong,” said Acharya. “It takes a hammer to break an idol made using thermocol,” he added.

India has joined the race to explore and develop deep-sea mining for rare earth elements — further complicating the geopolitics surrounding untapped sources of valuable minerals beneath the oceans

Brazilian federal prosecutors in the country's state of Para have asked a court to suspend operations at Vale's Onça Puma nickel project in the Brazilian Amazon, alleging Vale failed to meet obliga

Traffic congestion in the capital and smoke from brick kilns are the main reasons for air pollution in Dhaka city, according to the World Bank and the Bangladesh government.

A pot experiment was conducted on a sandy loam soil (Typic ustochrepts) to assess the suitability of FYM in amelioration of Ni in maize on artificially contaminated soil.

Chalakudy River is yearning for a lifeline. Chalakudy River, the fifth largest river in the State, is faced with a series of risks including sand-mining, release of untreated effluents from an industrial unit and improper disposal of solid waste.

The environmental monitoring programme on water quality of the Chalakudy River Basin carried out by the Kerala State Council for Science Technology and Environment has brought out the challenges faced by the river.

Electronic waste, or "e-waste", is a major problem of the information age.