Child health in war-torn Afghanistan is suffering due to mothers' low educational background and inability to access healthcare. A study found that 32.5 per cent of under-fives are suffering from acute diarrhoea and 41.5 per cent from breathing illnesses, while over 40 per cent have stunted growth.

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scientists may have found a new approach to muscular dystrophy, a fatal genetic disorder characterized by weakening of skeletal muscles. Not much is known about how the disease manifests itself. Recently, however, a team of French and German researchers found that a kind of muscular dystrophy is caused due to a lack of protein in the muscle cells. The disease is caused by a mutation in a

As was clear from a wide-ranging survey of nutrition issues at last month's Pacific Health Summit in Seattle, Washington, behavioural change is a key element in tackling the twin crises of under-nutrition and obesity, which are all too easily forgotten in the competition for the world's attention. (Editorial)

With lobbying going on to replace cooked meals in the mid-day meal programme with processed foods like biscuits, this article reports on a consultation earlier this year that saw academicians, medical professionals, and nutrition and public health experts discuss the impact of providing dry rations versus cooked foods.

Poverty causes malnutrition, but malnutrition also contributes to poverty through increased morbidity, impaired development in children, and reduced capacity for work and productivity in adults. In rich countries food is a relatively small part of household consumption (10

there are those in India who don't get food. There are those that do. Then there are those that only get bad food. The cheapest available, but bad. It is this group which is bearing the brunt of increasing obesity and chronic diseases in the world. The experience of the African American community, living in poor areas and surviving on cheap fast food, is now global.

Industry has come up with yet another method of tackling malnutrition in India. On March 12, Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition (gain), an industry association, invited members of Parliament,

Decades of misguided policies and untrained or weak leadership have left the children of India defenceless, threatening the future of the country. What are the solutions? April 26-May 2, 2008

It was supposed to prevent blindness and death from vitamin A deficiency in millions of children. But almost a decade after its invention, golden rice is still stuck in the lab.