There were signs that swine flu posed a human pandemic threat over a decade ago, yet no one paid any attention.

Dead pigs in China, evil factory farms in Mexico and an Al Qaeda plot involving Mexican drug cartels are a few wild theories seeking to explain a deadly swine flu outbreak that has killed up to 176 people.

AGARTALA/IMPHAL April 30: Tripura Government has sounded an alert in the state to check an outbreak of the deadly swine flu, official sources said today. The decision to issue the alert was taken last night at a meeting chaired by principal secretary of the Health department Yash Pal Singh.Two health directors S R Debbarma and R K Dhar were also present at the meeting.

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April 30: As swine flu panic gripped the city, the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation has served notice to pig breeders to take their animals away from human habitations.
The city has over three dozen pig breeding centres and a swine population of 20,000. Pigs are reared mainly by the Erukala community as a livelihood.

Underscoring the significance of individual measures that served as the first line of defence against any influenza virus, speakers at a discussion on swine flu said that though the virus seemed to be getting less virulent with time, there was a dire need to create awareness about it and take preventive measures since the disease had now become a global threat.

Chief Minister Tarun Gogoi today reviewed State

The Minister Health and Family Welfare, AFM Ruhal Haque, on Wednesday urged everyone not to be panicked by Swine flu.
He advised all to be aware of this new sub-type of H1N1 virus that has claimed more than 150 lives across the world in the last few days. And he asked the media

Health and Family welfare Minister Dr AFM Ruhul Huq yesterday called upon the people to remain alert on highly contagious Swine Flu, but not to panic about it, as Bangladesh is still free from this virus.

The minister made this remark to reporters after holding a eting on this scourge at his office in the secretariat.

April 29: Andhra Pradesh has the third largest pig population in the country but there are no fears of an immediate outbreak of swine flu here since the virus is not known to survive in temperatures above 40 degrees Celsius. For a change we can thank the summer heat.