Genes from drug resistant bacteria enter bacteria in soil and water

Malaysia orders immediate killing of a million pigs; virus claims more than 85 lives

after three seasons of captive breeding, the endangered species of pygmy hogs have risen from six to 51 at the research centre in Basishta, on the outskirts of Guwahati, Assam. The centre was

Viruses acquired from animal organ and tissue transplants can harm humans

We determined the association between the use of the glycopeptide antibiotic avoparcin as a growth promoter and the occurrence of Enterococcus faecium (VREF) with high-level resistance to vancomycin (MIC ≥ 64 μg ml−1) on poultry and pig farms. The investigations were conducted as retrospective cohort studies, where groups of farms exposed or not exposed to avoparcin between September 1994 and April 1995 were compared.

Even as the mad cow mayhem in Europe has begun subsiding, another animal disease row is simmering in this country. Hog cholera is threatening Taiwan's US $43 billion pork industry as

Genetically engineered pigs could substitute human organ donors

PANIC-STRICKEN by an illicit liquor that has taken a toll of at least 75 persons and a mysterious fever that may be Japanese encephalitis or simple food poisoning, Patna medical authorities have

PIGS MAY may now rule the heart's of men. Dr David White, an immunologist and lecturer in clinical surgery at Cambridge University in UK, has discovered a way of transferring human genes to