Beijing: Countries like India that have low pork consumption and less pig breeding are as vulnerable to swine fever as countries where pork is widely consumed, an official of the WHO said in Beijing.

NEW DELHI: The Food and Agriculture Organisation is mobilising its teams of experts to help ascertain if the new strain of swine influenza H1N1 virus, which has killed many people in Mexico, had a direct connection to pigs.

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The flu virus spreading around the world should not be called "swine flu" as it also contains avian and human components and no pig was found ill with the disease so far, the World Animal Health body said on Monday.


This study evaluates the capability of horizontal subsurface-flow constructed wetlands (SSF CWs) for treating pretreated swine wastewater as a function of contact time (CT) and type of macrophyte under the local conditions of Yucat

Agriculture has fueled the eruption of human civilization. Efficiently raised, affordable crops and livestock feed our growing population, and hunger has largely been banished from the developed world as a result. Yet there are reasons to believe that we are beginning to lose control of our great agricultural machine.

Director-general of ICAR Mangla Roy inaugurates a poultry centre at BAU on Sunday. Picture by Manik Bose

Ranchi, Feb. 8: Birsa Agriculture University (BAU), Ranchi, is well on the path to take its annual piglet production from 600 to over 2,000 per year, thanks to a mega seed project funded by Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR), New Delhi.

Problems associated with implanting animal organs in humans had seemed insurmountable, but new research could soon bring about the first clinical trials.

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