BHUBANESWAR: The swine flu panic across the globe has prompted the Orissa Government to go in for a reality check.

With scant information available on pig population, the Directorate of Veterinary Services and Animal Husbandry today decided to launch a mapping of pig farming both in the organised and unorganised sectors to be able to keep a watch when there is an outbreak.


Experts speaking at a seminar on Saturday said that swine flu (A H1N1) virus, if at all entered the city, would have little chance to survive or surge owing to the hot and humid environment here. However, they warned, health providers were required to remain alert till the advent of winter.

The influenza A (H1N1) epidemic once again shows that poor countries are the worst affected. (Editorial)

With cases of swine flu, or A(H1N1) influenza, increasing and spreading worldwide, the ministry of health (MoH) called a conference yesterday for all relevant authorities to coordinate preventive and response measures to the possible entrance and outbreak of the flu in Bhutan.

The World Health Organization said Thursday that 2,371 people in 24 countries now had confirmed cases of swine flu.

A bus stop in Mexico City on Wednesday as some people began returning to work.

Only 46 people are known to have died of the virus, all but 2 of them in Mexico.

LUCKNOW: Alarmed with the emergence of swine flu, the Lucknow Municipal Corporation (LMC) is mulling to establish a pig colony, on the lines of cattle colony, which is situated on Hardoi road.

Afghanistan's only known pig has been locked in a room, away from visitors to Kabul zoo where it normally grazes beside deer and goats, because people are worried it could infect them with the virus popularly known as swine flu.

Ranchi, May 4: A swine flu alert has been sounded in the state.

Alarmed by the threat of swine flu, the Lucknow Municipal Corporation (LMC) has decided to conduct a drive to catch pigs across the city. Teams comprising health officials and professional pig catchers will be formed and they will be visiting the entire city and catch pigs.