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the post-war consensus on poverty alleviation was shattered by a truculent critique of the welfare state from the combative conservative right in us in the early '80s. Apart from the rising costs

The forthcoming World Food Summit must ensure that the umbrella of food security also extends to encompass the Southern nations poor

A WHO report on Southeast Asia blames poverty for the rot

STUDIES on the interrelationships between gender, poverty and environmental change in rural India remain a grey area, tackled by very few economists, a notable exception being Bina Agarwal.

Reduction of poverty remains one of the foremost global challenges. An estimated 1.3 billion persons in the developing world will live in. absolute poverty by the turn of the century. While the

You can now 'telecommute' for sustainable use of resources and take an 'edutainment' break! overseeing more than what an overseas aid by a developing country does, satellite info is the emerging poverty alleviation mantra for developing nations

Everyday, some 40,000 people die from hunger-related causes. In the 47 'least developed' countries, 10 per cent of the world's population subsists on less than 0.5 per cent of world's income.

FELIX murillo, chief of the Peruvian National Statistical Institute, has claimed a reduction of 8 per cent in poverty, as revealed by official surveys of standards of living between 1991 and 1994.

Activists are pressing the 28-year old Asian Development Bank (ADB) for greater reform of its policies, saying it should do more to reduce poverty instead of just focusing on growth and luring the

THE Aravallis, the oldest and hoariest mountain range in India, are today some of the most barren sentinels in the country. At the foothills of this range, which extends all the way from