Order of the National Green Tribunal in the matter of Yuva Mandal Sansthan Mithdiya Vs State of Punjab & Other dated 14/07/2021.

The applicant (Yuva Mandal Sansthan Mithdiya) requested that directions be issued to Punjab and Rajasthan to curb the inflow of industrial waste and sewage water into the Sutluj and Beas river and Rajasthan Feeder Canal and take appropriate steps to check, manage and control the noxious and hazardous effluents being thrown into water resources.

A telemetry SCADA measurement system plays an important role in efficient control and equitable water delivery to the stake holders in the command of Indira Gandhi Nahar project.

The India Remote Sensing data on 1:50,000 scale revealed the occurrence of permanent waterlogging in low-lying flats and depressions of the Indira Gandhi Nahar Pariyojona (IGNP) command area. Such data also indicated seasonal dynamics of waterlogging and soil salinization in irrigated areas.

Litter production varied greatly with plantation age and stem density in E. camaldulensis being high in 12-year old plantation. Lowest litter production was in 4-year old plantation. Bimodal pattern of litter fall was observed in younger plantation where, two peaks of varied intensity were observed in summer and winter.

The effects of Acacia tortilis, Eucalyptus camaldulensis, Dalbergia sissoo and Tecomella undulata based windbreaks, varying in their morphological characters, were assessed on wind regimes of downwind/leeward side on farmers' field in Jaisalmer district of arid Western Rajasthan.

The Great Indian Bustard (GIB; Ardeotis nigriceps) is endemic to the Indian subcontinent and is listed as a critically endangered species. The species is a summer visitor and breeder in Pakistan. Due to ineffective law enforcement and human persecution for its alleged aphrodisiac value, the species is close to extinction from its native haunts.

The Narmada water from neighbouring Gujarat touched the desert sands of Rajasthan on Thursday at a function marking the release of water to the receiving head at Lalpura village in Jalore district.

while some areas in Rajasthan are still fighting to drain floodwater, in other districts, farmers have revived their agitation for more water for irrigation. On October 11, hundreds of farmers