the Comptroller and Auditor General of India (cag) recently unearthed a Rs 2,125 crore scam involving the Food Corporation of India (fci), under the Union ministry of consumer affairs, food and

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Genome of rice fungus mapped

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The rice-wheat annual double cropping system occupies an estimated 0.5 million hectares in Nepal where it provides food for about 23 million people. Current production levels of both rice and wheat are far below their reported potential with N-deficiency being the major production constraint.

staple shortage: Cambodia is faced with a severe drought that could lead to a shortage of rice, the country's staple food. "Some provinces will face a shortage of rice in the coming months,' Nhim

Studied were conducted to monitor the terminal pesticide residues in unpolished, polished and parboiled rice. Fifteen rice varieties were collected from Regional Agricultural Research Station (RARS), Titabar of Assam Agricultural University during 2002. Each variety was tested in terms of unpolished, polished and parboiled form, for the presence of pesticide residues.