Farmers in Haryana have been persuaded to give up growing a lucrative crop because of the harm it causes to the earth.

Drought is a major constraint affecting rice production especially in rainfed areas of Asia. Despite its importance in rice growing areas, the magnitude of economic losses arising from drought, its impact on farm households and farmers’ drought coping mechanisms are poorly understood. This paper provides insights into these aspects of drought based on a cross-country comparative analysis of rainfed rice growing areas in China, India and Thailand.

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India and Pakistan

Two rice crops annually in semi arid tropic regions good for soil fertility, claims study

At present the average daily turnover of 23 commodity exchanges put together barely crosses Rs 8,000-9,000 crore. Of this the share of fine cereal grains (wheat and rice) is insignificant, ranging below Rs 30 crore per day. The entry of Food Corporation of India (fci) can increase its volume 20 times as it purchases roughly 15-20 per cent of India's wheat and 12-15 per cent of its rice production. FCI's entry could make India into a grain trading hub.

Irrigation water security is vital both for livelihood and food security. While the country has made large investments in the augmentation of water supply, there have been no commensurate efforts in the management of demand and in the promotion of efficient and economic water use. This report draws attention to the scope available for improving the efficiency of use of irrigation water in a manner that both the productivity and profitability of farming are enhanced.

It's not every day that an innocuous email from a geophysicist leads you to a prime ministerial residence that is big time real estate. And we aren't talking 7 Race Course Road. I had to check out the villages of Prini and Jagatsukh near Manali, Himachal Pradesh, which had complaints against a proposed 192-megawatt hydro power project costing Rs 992 crore on the Allain and Duhangan rivers. Its proponent: the lng Bhilwara group, better known for the

In coastal Kerala, rice cultivation is alternated with prawn farming. The method requires no fertilisers or pesticides. But many farmers in the area aren t too keen on it. What ails the system? m suchitra and

EU wants only authentic varieties; India stands to gain

The tropical monsoon rhythm for over centuries obviously occasioned the development of water works which facilitated wet rice cultivation in pre-modern Southeast Asia.