ISLAMABAD: The Mari Petroleum Company, a joint venture of the government and the Fauji Foundation, announced on Monday a ‘significant’ gas and condensate discovery with estimated reserves of about

Sindh government has succeeded in getting foreign investment of more than $1 billion for its first sponsored Wind Power Project at Jhampeer wind corridor district Thatta/Jamshoro.The project having

Climate change is devastating all arid areas of Sindh including Chahcro, Kohistan, Kachho, Nara region, Achro Thar and Tharparkar and is causing reduction in rains, drinking water, grazing fields a

Highlighting serious risks to coastal communities due to climate change, a position paper launched on Thursday at a local hotel calls upon the government to immediately start mapping of coastal lan

Experts at an international conference on ‘Environmental issues of Sindh and its remedies’ noted with concern that environmental pollution kills more than 10 million people every year in the world.

In the backdrop of a famine-like situation in Thar, the Sindh government is set to launch its Nutrition Support Programme Sindh (NPS) to initially target nine of the 24 districts which are facing a

The drought hit situation has been prevailing in ten dehs of Thana Bola Khan and Manjhand Talukas of Jamshoro district and the district administration is approaching to Sindh Government for declara

The Sindh government has sought additional financing of $150 million from the World Bank to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of irrigation water distribution with particular reference to re

The Supreme Court on Monday called for a report as to how many famine-stricken people of Thar had been provided relief and assistance so far.

After the loss of more than 150 children’s lives in Thar famine, the Sindh chief minister has finally come into action by snatching the portfolio of Relief Department from Makhdoom Jameel Zaman, wh