The Kerala High Court, has directed the state

Using a little turmeric powder mixed with rice can protect the stored grain from pests

SCIENTISTS at the National Research Centre -- Spices (NRC-S) at Kozhikode in Kerala have developed a cure for the quick-wilt disease, which affects the black pepper crops. The disease, which decays

SPICES have drawn intrepid merchants to Indian shores through history, but falling international prices and uncertain demand abroad are worrying Indian growers, who supply about one-third of the

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Young children who regularly ingest Indian spices and ceremonial powders like vermilion, or sindoor, may be exposed to lead, a dangerous neurotoxin, an American study has claimed.

Mithradham, implying 'the abode of the Sun and the house of a friend' is an NGO based in Chunangamveli, a beautiful village in Kochi, Kerala. Headed by Dr George Peter Pittappillil, the Mithradham Trust was founded in 1998. "Our NGO is engaged in cultivation, processing and marketing of spices from Kerala through the use of solar energy."

J&K proposes a strategy

The worldwide slump in prices of primary commodities has claimed another victim

Cloves can stop hazardous asbestos fibres from escaping into the air