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IF you consume coriander powder not certified by Agmark, there are chances that it may contain horse dung. A whole lot of other powdered spices, including chilli and turmeric, are also prone to adulteration, according to experts.

About 25 per cent of Indian spices available in the US, such as cardamom, fenugreek and chilli powder, contain more than one
microgram of lead per gram of product

Young children who regularly ingest Indian spices and ceremonial powders like vermilion, or sindoor, may be exposed to lead, a dangerous neurotoxin, an American study has claimed.

The Brahmaputra Valley region has a unique landscape, with the Brahmaputra River and other rivulets running between the parallel hill ranges. The valley gets flooded during the monsoons, which deposit a large amount of silt and debris on the riverbeds.

Scientists tweak turmeric extract to help human body absorb it; may help treat breast cancer the Ayurveda system of medicine recommends use of turmeric, Curcuma longa, for a range of ailments including inflammation and pain. The age-old cure for common diseases has now been turned into a new age wonder drug that could cure cancer. It goes by the name curcumin. But uses of curcumin, the

Indian security forces will soon have a new weapon to take on insurgents in the country

A clue for weight watchers for all of its medicinal uses, turmeric has not been known for treating obesity. After learning how its active ingredient curcumin inhibits tumour growth, biologists and pathologists at Tufts University in the US have shown how it does the same to fat cells

Recently Naga King Chili was rediscovered by the world scientific community when it was declared as the hottest chili of the world. Interestingly this particular type of chili with its unique hotness and aroma is native to the northeastern part of India, more particularly to Nagaland.

Saffron yields fall in Kashmir. Climate change? Or just over-anxious farmers In mid-16th century, Abul Fazl, visited Kashmir. Fazl was a formidable administrator, a historiographer and one of the nine gems at Mughal emperor Akbar

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