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FRANCE may have rejected consignments of chilli powder from India because a banned carcinogenic colouring matter Sudan red 1 was detected. The European Commission EC may have introduced more stringent measures to prevent such goods from entering its

Indian exporters of chilli products are smarting. The EU has all but shut the door on them after recently detecting the presence of Sudan red 1, a carcinogenic industrial dye, in one of their consignments to France. And the Spices Board of India has crack

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This article focuses on the analysis of orgnohlorine pesticides (OCP) residues in commonly used spices like cumin (Cuminum cyminum), chili (Capsicurn frutescens ), city ginger. The use of OCPs in developing countries has been of serious concern because of their persistent nature. Results have shown that the level of HCH was more than the level of DDT in majority of the samples like cumin, chilli, dry ginger, carraway, aniseed black pepper, fenugreek, turmeric and corriander. The maximum value of total HCH was 0.203 ppm in turmeric and minimum 0.009 ppm in corriander.

Nineteen soil profiles representing seven soil series with sixteen mapping units were collected, described and mapped at Indian Institute of Spices Research, Cardamom Research Centre, Appangala, Madikeri, Karnataka for evaluating their suitability for cardamom cultivation. Soil and site properties such as climate, depth and the soils were assessed for growing cardamom.

A medicine to delay the onset of diabetes may be hiding in your kitchen. Researchers at the US Agricultural Research Service in Maryland, have found that cinn

indian researchers have recently claimed that the world's hottest variety of chillies, grows in the northeastern hills of Assam and not on the farms of Mexico. "Tests by a team of experts

The University of Agricultural Sciences in Dharwad, Karnataka, has developed two chilli varieties, GPC-82 and KDC-1. The GPC-82 is tolerant to thrips and mites and can yield 15 tonnes of green

MANY plant species the world over are on the verge of extinction. And the rate of extinction of species in India is perhaps the highest in the world. About 150 species, which were collected a 100