Government to tackle ‘throwaway culture’ by cutting VAT on fixing everything from bicycles to washing machines

Sweden has again topped Dual Citizen’s Global Green Economy Index, the fifth such analysis of how 80 countries are performing in the global green economy.

Through regional cooperation, the Nordic countries can achieve a near carbon-neutral energy system by 2050, while contributing to European decarbonisation through the export of clean electricity. This is the central message of Nordic Energy Technology Perspectives 2016 published by the International Energy Agency and Nordic Energy Research.

Pope Francis addresses attendees in the opening ceremony to commence a plenary meeting of the United Nations Sustainable Development Summit 2015 at the United Nations headquarters in Manhattan, New

A test stretch of electric road, the first in the country, was inaugurated in Sandviken, Sweden, on June 22.

A new study suggests that exposure to air pollution may be linked to increased mental illnesses among children.

Air pollution may negatively affect brain and cognitive development in children and adolescents, a new study has warned.

Exposure to ambient air pollution is suspected to cause cognitive effects, but a prospective cohort is needed to study exposure to air pollution at the home address and the incidence of dementia. The researchers aimed to assess the association between long-term exposure to traffic-related air pollution and dementia incidence in a major city in northern Sweden.

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Renewable electricity demand in Europe was up 8% in 2015, according to new figures published this week.

YouGov survey finds climate change considered third most serious threat globally, but UK public see population growth as greater cause for concern, reports BusinessGreen