China's sustainable energy competitiveness was ranked first among 21 major countries, overtaking the United States and European countries, said a report published Sunday.

Realisation of ambitious £1bn construction project, subject of vocal and high-profile opposition, will depend on subsidies from government

An ambitious project to build the world’s first tidal lagoon for generating clean electricity off the coast of Swansea has triggered an environmental row on the south coast of Cornwall.

Tidal Lagoon Power has submitted an Environmental Impact Assessment scoping report for the Cardiff Tidal Lagoon, which would have a capacity of 1.8GW to 2.8GW.

A variety of hydrokinetic turbines are currently under development for power generation in rivers, tidal straits and ocean currents. Because some of these turbines are large, with rapidly moving rotor blades, the risk of collision with aquatic animals has been brought to attention. The behavior and fate of animals that approach such large hydrokinetic turbines have not yet been monitored at any detail. In this paper, we conduct a synthesis of the current knowledge and understanding of hydrokinetic turbine collision risks.

Plans to generate electricity from the world's first series of tidal lagoons have been unveiled in the UK.

Construction of the world’s largest tidal energy array is ready to begin offshore Scotland. Atlantis Resources Ltd.

The evolution of technologies that harness the waves and tides for generating electricity is taking longer than hoped and costing more money than expected, a report showed.

The Crown Estate, manager of the UK seabed, has confirmed leasing agreements for 11 new wave and tidal energy sites across Scotland, England and Wales.

China plans to build three marine renewable-energy trial parks by 2016, to help speed up the commercial expansion of the wave and tidal power industry, a senior official said.