While tiger conservation efforts in the country have started giving encouraging results, tiger biologists fear a probable increase in human-wildlife conflict if prompt measures are not taken to dea

India has made progress in conserving tigers but leopards are killed in high numbers in the country for illegal trade, says a global study on four species of Asian big cats including lions in Gujar

Question raised in Rajya Sabha on constitution of Special Tiger Protection Force, 14/08/2014.

Question raised in Rajya Sabha on steps taken to protection of Tigers, 31/07/2014.

Kathmandu: Nepal's tiger population has increased by 64 per cent in the last five years and the country plans to double their numbers by 2022, government said today.

Question raised in Rajya Sabha on steps taken to protect the tigers from poaching, 17/07/2014.

Question raised in Lok Sabha on tiger projects, 09/07/2014.

Bor Wildlife Sanctuary in Maharashtra will become the country's 47th Tiger Reserve with Environment Ministry today notifying it as a tiger reserve with an aim to strengthen the conservation efforts

Despite substantial conservation investments by governments and international agencies, the existence of tigers in the wild is still threatened. The main threats to the survival of wild tigers are poaching, prey depletion, and habitat degradation and fragmentation.

The crown prince of the oil-rich Mideast emirate of Abu Dhabi and other international donors committed a combined $80 million on Sunday to fund the conservation of tigers and other wild cats whose