Udaipur: When Jennifer took the non-stop flight from New York to New Delhi, there was a place she

Tourism is priority; not ecology as the Rajasthan government prepares to award contracts for restoring Pichola lake near Udaipur

Phosphorous, abundant soon nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium are the three major nutrients required for plant growth. An increase in the world

Worldwide demand of phosphate fertilizer is met essentially

At the Jhamarkotra rock phosphate mines, the lowgrade Proterozoic rock phosphate containing 14

Documentary>> Marble Mutton with Slurry Water

High fluoride level in drinking water causes different kinds of toxicosis in humans and animals. The present investigation was undertaken to observe different forms of enamal mottling in mature and immature domestic animals consuming water containing fluoride below the maximum permissible level.

JAIPUR: The Centre will shortly release Rs.259 crore for two ambitious projects for conservation and pollution control in the world-famous Pichola lake of Udaipur and Chambal river of Kota district in Rajasthan under the National Lake Conservation Project (NLCP).

In Dhala, farmers have been blending traditional and

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