In 1992, a viral epidemic spread through the Jheelo ki Basti of Udaipur district in Rajasthan. Healthcare facilities were limited and many children died. The scourge was finally contained only with

Reputation at stake

Udaipur s waterbodies run dry, authorities run amok

Rajsamand, 194.6 thousand tonnes per year.

The Wasteland: Making of Grass-roots Leaders

The people of Bichhri , a village

For the residents of Udaipur, the struggle in the courts has been a long one

Two decades of toil have given back to Seed village in Udaipur a forest that villagers felt had been destroyed forever

Bichhri: where the earth bleeds People's protests had forced the closure of Bichhri's polluting industries. The court's intervention, which was late in coming, has not helped much, Bichhri

When the executive fails, people seek redressal from courts. In some cases, the courts have merely put the seal of approval on the actions of citizens' pressure groups. In others, the remedies have only addressed the problems in part. The earth still bl