At least 22 people died and thousands were rendered homeless as incessant heavy rain lashed the coastal districts of Andhra Pradesh under the influence of the passing cyclonic storm ‘Nilam’.

The Government of India has agreed to clear and approve sanctions for road projects proposals worth Rs 413.29 crore located in six districts of Andhra Pradesh.

Survey data collected in 2007 from three districts in Andhra Pradesh, this article assesses the performance of 72 primary agricultural credit cooperatives. It finds that these credit cooperatives tend to be used as political instruments and, as a result, borrowers prioritise all debt obligations to microfinance institutions, informal moneylenders and others, before primary agricultural credit cooperatives. The authors suggest that if the performance of these credit cooperatives does not improve, a larger government role in the supply of credit may undermine the culture of repayment.

Geochemical assessment for groundwater quality was carried in 15 stations along Bay of Bengal of Vizianagaram district, Andhra Pradesh. Statistical and geochemical interpretations of major ions revealed geological and chemical factors with mechanisms controlling quality and quantity of groundwater.

Hyderabad: The environmental activism of Union Minister Jairam Ramesh appears to have set him on a collision course with his party’s government in Andhra Pradesh.

The district administrations of Srikakulam, Vizianagaram and Visakhapatnam have issued a bird flu alert in the wake of avian influenza cases in Odisha.

The administrations of the three coastal districts have also appealed to the public, particularly poultry farmers and non-vegetarians, to take precaution. A senior Animal Husbandry Department officer said they have started making all possible efforts to stop migration of crows, parrots and cranes, besides poultry chicken, from Odisha.

A study of the socio-economic situations of three villages in north-eastern Andhra Pradesh shows that while times and values have vastly changed, not much has been transformed in terms of privileges and opportunities. Those belonging to landowning families have managed to get a good education and secure good jobs or set up businesses. But those from the landless or marginal landowning families and communities have been left far behind. The government’s schemes and promises have more often than not yielded very little.

Paper industry generates green house gases in many stage of its operations; there is scope for implementation of CDM project preferably in forestry sector. JKPL's A/R CDM project under LULUCF category aims to GHG mitigation and sell emission reductions earned through carbon sequestration in the established agro-forestry plantations.

Nov. 28: The AP forest department has decided to set up

Aug. 22: The panchayat raj minister, Mr Botsa Satyanarayana, has raised objection to a thermal power station proposed in his native Vizianagaram district and has stalled operations of the project. He even dashed off a letter to the Chief Minister, Mr K.