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THE ministry of environment and forests is planning to introduce a proposal to treble the existing water cess rates at the current monsoon session of Parliament, following demands from

More than 2/3rds of the world's population uses polluted water to fulfil its requirements. Physicist Ashok Gadgil and his team at the Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory, Berkeley, California, have devised

Kenya returns to sender a lethal cargo of contaminated milk powder

In some breast cancer cases, Magnetic Resonance Imaging Provides clearer images than X ray mammography

Political chicanery has plugged the revision of the US's Clean Water act

After the muckraking about the Clean Water Act's revision is over, the Republicans have now turned to the long-besieged Endangered Species Act (ESA), which seeks to protect wildlife habitats and

A new type of plastic cable developed in Japan could flood individual homes with information

• Wireless loop technology could replace conventional cables in congested Calcutta, according to the Department of Telecommunication (DoT). • Heli-skiing has been banned in Himachal

Panama is reeling under a water shortage crisis that can attain monumental proportions in future, if the largescale environmental degradation resulting from indiscriminate commercial logging is not

The space shuttle Endeavour has used a new earth-imaging radar to photograph the area around the ancient Cambodian city of Angkor. Altho Ugh the main temple complex at Angkor has been