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IMAGINE dunking one's head in a rapid Himalayan stream and coming up with a mouthful of chemicals and weeds, instead of pristine water. This is not a totally unlikely scenario, according to the

GROWING piles of garbage in the mountains have led the Himalayan Environment Trust to release a code of conduct for climbers. With the rise in the number of Himalayan expeditions, Jarge

While western investors are lining their pockets with Papua New Guinea's rich natural resources, all the government is getting in return is a degraded environment.

Three years after a public interest litigation case was filed in the Supreme Court to stop a local factory polluting its drinking water, the wells in Bichhri, a hamlet in Udaipur district, continue to be full of contaminated water. Why is public interest

PIL allows a citizen to move a court on behalf of persons who are unable, because of poverty or disability, to seek judicial redressal

• Sanitation in Ratlam: In a landmark judgement in 1980, the Supreme Court explicitly recognised the impact of a deteriorating urban environment on the poor. It linked basic public health

What the Constitution of India has to say in connection with public interest litigation

INDUSTRIAL towns with a high growth and, therefore, high pollution potential will come in for special attention from the Punjab Pollution Control Board, under a new initiative to deal with pollution

WHILE contaminated water has occupied centrestage in Udaipur for many years, the Pesticides India plant has been insidiously emitting odorous gases for almost as long. The plant manufactures

It was the Stockholm conference, held exactly 20 years ago, which put environmental issues on the global agenda for the first time. But the contours of environmental negotiapons have changed a great deal from those early days